Un-Sun Serum, with targeted Peptides for Aging and Sun Damaged Skin

$ 47.00

Light & Botanical Anti-Aging Treatment Serum, with Rose, Green Apple, Aloe, Active Botanicals & Juveleven Hexapeptides*.

Protect, repair & reverse damage done to your skin's cellular structure from sun exposure and general aging, by over 10 years as seen in clinical trials with Targeted Juveleven Hexapeptides*, ensuring a longer and healthier aging process.  

This serum is made to be light and easily absorbed, so it can be applied easily, before your chosen moisturizer, &  is for anyone who wants to delay the effects of aging at the cellular level.

-Contains 2% (max. recommended) Juveleven Hexapeptides, an award winner of the 2013 In-Cosmetics    Asia, Innovation Zone       Best Ingredient.

   This is not a sunscreen, but a treatment for aging and sun damaged skin.

 30 mls