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Meet Julie

LUXE Heavenly Bodies began when I started formulating products for myself to use.

I had struggled at times with my complexion, & I had worked outside for many years as a professional horse trainer, (dressage horses), so taking care of my skin was always a struggle, and a priority.

In college, I had studied chemistry, & later in life, I became interested in what was in my skincare. So, I started reading labels. Alot of them! And I didn't like what I found.

So.....I began formulating products, & I wanted exceptional quality, clean ingredients to work with.

I quickly realized what I considered to be a remarkable improvement in my own skin's tone, texture, feel & appearance, upon using my own products.

No more visits to the dermatologist, no more occasional acne, or irritations or other skin problems common to many. And, no more department store skincare! I had something SO much better, and I was definitely hooked!

I'm primarily focused on Natural & Organic Ingredients, Botanicals & select Bio-Actives with cutting edge skin science.

I Love combining the best of what Nature has to offer us, as well as what Science does.

"I Love doing this. It is very rewarding to see products come to life, and know you are helping people make healthier choices for themselves."

We have a devoted Lab & Studio for formulating and manufacturing, and sell directly to our customers all over the globe.

We do not outsource. We formulate, manufacture, and do it all in house. We have complete control from start to finish

Thanks for reading our story....

Meet Julie

In my spare time, I enjoy being outdoors almost anywhere!

I enjoy hiking when I can, as in this picture taken off the Oregon coast, Pilates, and cooking healthy food.

I love supporting animal shelters, and women's causes, both near & dear to my heart.

100% FREE OF

  • GMO

Our Commitment

We're committed to health and safety standards beyond what is required legally in the United States.
Over 1,600 chemicals are banned or restricted in personal care products in the European Union which has much higher cosmetic safety standards.
If it's not permissible in the European Union, we don't use it either.

We're also happy to be Leaping Bunny Certified.