Meet Julie

How We Got Started

My story began many years ago with a love for riding horses. 

As a child I saved my babysitting money to purchase my own pony, and I just never outgrew my love of horses, and wanting to learn everything I could about them.

But that's where the passion grew because I had to work for it!  As a young adult out of College I began riding again in Southern California where I rode Hunters/Jumpers, but then I discovered Dressage.  I was hooked!

Fast forward many years, I ended up becoming a Dressage trainer, riding, showing and teaching for over 25 years.  Along the way I accomplished becoming a Bronze and Silver Medalist with The United States Dressage Federation, and earned my L* Judging credentials.

So,  as you can imagine, working with horses for a living, you are outside in the elements of Sun, Wind, Cold, Rain, Heat, and more on a daily basis.  It can be very hard on your skin. 

My favorite thing to do everyday after riding and training was to come home, take a bath, and take care of my skin!  It was my treat to myself, and much needed after long hard days of physical work!  I didn't know it at the time, but this was the very little beginning of what would become my next business after I retired from training full time.  And so, LUXE Heavenly Bodies was born out of my passion for taking care of  my own skin.  I concentrated on making products with Natural, Organic & Botanical ingredients, with select Bio-Actives that offer additional skin benefits with proven clinical results.

LHB began small, doing some local Farmer's Markets to test our products and see if anyone would buy it.  And they did!  And we had repeat customers!  Slowly we added some Gift Shows, Holiday Events, our website, FaceBook page, Instagram, Twitter and more.    We were were off and running with various products.

In 2016 we were invited to attend an event at New York Fashion Week!  We are very excited and honored to have been chosen for this event. We've been invited back again for fall 2018 to participate in a different event shining a light on Breast Cancer, held at the Plaza Hotel.  

We are  a Green Spa members, & cruelty free.

The icing on the cake is that Sabine Schut-Kery who uses and loves our products, & endorses our line, is a Brand Ambassador for us.   You can view her Website at: to check out her incredible accomplishments, which include being selected for the Pan Am Games in 2015.  If you want to try one of Sabine's favorites, try our "Mega Moist 7"  Facial Cream.  It's amazing!

We have many other Brand Ambassadors in the Grand Prix Dressage and Jumping worlds including Olympians Adrienne Lyle, & Christine Traurig.  Also riders Natalie Traurig, Claire Darnell, Vinz Flores, Rebecca Rigdon & David Blake, Emma Weinert & more.

We are adding Beauty Brand Ambassadors as well.

So, my story has come full circle.  I never knew all the hours of riding and training outside would lead me to a great new and exciting career that I am just absolutely loving. 

Thanks for reading my story,

Julie van het Reve